Working on Cabling

In our internship team, we train our students to work on actual projects, which includes more than just coding. Here we have Chrisandy working on placing UTP internet cables

Second Generation of Internship Team

Our internship period is repeated yearly, around the time where students have a long school break from campus.


Internship Satisfaction


Technical Skill Learned


Project Completion


Late Attendance

What We Offer

Tansah Internship Programme is created to accommodate students from universities to try out implement what they study at school in a real life project / work situation. Even if its not an official work situation, interns will be provided amenities much like actual work situation. Open space concept with good ambience lighting & fresh flowing air, a good communication between participants, with a slew of amenities and a delicious lunch from our canteen.

We would like to be the first impression for students to experience what its like to work in a real life situation. Some projects that interns will participate in, are actual real life projects. Therefore there would be times where you are required to pull up extra hard work to meet the deadlines.

We believe that everyone is made equal. Even if our job positions shows subordinate and supervision, we still believe we are one and the same team, not one is more important than another. We also believe in keeping a balanced life. We provide a lenient work hours, since we understand that students also have a commitment, thus a high priority in completing their study at school.
  • Real Life Projects 80% 80%
  • Internal Projects 45% 45%
  • Project Prospects 95% 95%


Mini Library

Mini Pantry



We develop an open workspace concept, where interns can have greater interaction between one to another. We also play some popular music to ensure relaxing work environment while still keeping up seriousness in chasing project deadlines.

Mini Library

During lunch break time, you can read our book collections ranging from religious texts to technical stuff like diving techniques and programming games. You can also choose to take a small nap in one of our couches, to release tiredness so you can focus on your next work.

Mini Pantry

Coffee’s are freeflow, however please use moderately. We also provide lunch on a nearby canteen Agape, that provides a tasty yet affordable lunch if you don’t bring your own lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a prospective interns, you might have some questions to ask. Please use the accordion on the right to find answers to most asked questions that a prospective interns might want to find out. Also check out our internship requirements below.

Visual Designer

We are looking for a part time / full time animator to act as visual animator / social media manager. Would prioritize students who is able to create animation similar to :

Animator / Social Media Manager closing in








Will I get paid during programme?



Yes. We believe we all have to be paid for the work we perform. We have a standard salary rate across all interns, calculated hourly, which sum will be paid at the end of the month.

Is schedule flexible?


Our work hours are flexible, however we also abide to the common rule of punctuality. This means that you are allowed to arrange your schedule when you come as how you see fit, however we require that you come on time.


What projects will be assigned?


We try to assign a supportive projects where available, means that your project will back up / complement existing projects / ideation. There are times where we might need extra hand on projects with tighter deadlines, we might need to have a hand to help.


What will we learn?

Everything you need to set you off ready for your actual work life, both soft skills and hard skills. You are welcomed to read our Internship Journal, where you can find our interns sharing what they learn during their internship time here.

Kalau buat saya sih.. internship di Tansah itu Awesome ! Saya benar2 belajar banyak hal baru, menemukan rintangan2 dalam mengerjakan real projects yg beda sekali dari project yg ada di kuliah. Menurut saya itu baik banget, karena berarti dengan adanya rintangan2 kyk gitu saya bisa improve diri saya dan ke depannya semakin mantap juga pengalaman saya di bidang ini. Di Tansah juga saya dibantu banyak sama koko soal pengetahuan2 baru, walaupun sering saya tanya masalah sepele yg bikin code jadi error (typo, dsb. 😅) Fun to learn and socialize, saling membantu antar teammate utk menyelesaikan masalah, dan menurut saya akan masih banyak lagi hal2 baik & pengalaman waktu Internship di Tansah..
Andy Tangguh (Kippi)

Saya anggota angkatan pertama program internship Tansah. Selama saya menjalani program internship di sini, saya mendapat banyak pengalaman dan skill-skill (hard skill dan soft skill) baik yang diajarkan di kampus saya maupun yang tidak. Interaksi dengan tim cukup baik, kami sudah melakukan pekerjaan sungguhan dan sering tight deadline. Jadi menurut saya program internship sangat membantu untuk saya pribadi berkarya dan menimba ilmu serta pengalaman.
Sandy Giovanni

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