History of Tansah Web & Innovation

Dear Readers,

We would like to welcome you to our dedicated blog site, where we gather stories and experiences of our students that enroll in our internship programs. In here, you will find laughter, tears of struggle, and many many programming tips, along with some history, and its progress along the milestone. On some occasion where interns made a silly / unnecessary mistakes, we also have informal bets where the respective person has the obligation to write down blog post sharing his mistake, and the solution around it. We hope that it might also be beneficial for you coders to refer to this blog posts for tips & tricks.

A Humble Beginning

Internship Team #2

Tansah Internship Team #2

First founded in Bali, the island of Gods, Tansah Web & Innovation first started out as an initiative to help startup business there to have a good affordable website, to compete with the ongoing demand of online publishing. Since then, it has expanded its services to accommodate different product like remote employment, integrated online selling, 3D shopping cart, even on humanitarian cause like helping out those less fortunate with Share Our Stories. From a one man effort, we now have several coders helping out with our initiative. Now Tansah Web & Innovation has a home base in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Vision & Values

IkigaiWe use the term “Ikigai” in our projects, which basically means having a purpose in our work. If we work simply to earn money to get rich quick, you will get tired pursuing your occupation in no time. Therefore here in Tansah, we always try to identify talents, improve strengths through close mentoring of work from actual projects, and find projects that is beneficial to society, and generate income.

We don?t have everything figured out, we always learn on the go. If you are not the type that enjoys growing with others and learning from one another, this will not be the place for you.


Features and Facilities

Work days at Tansah begin in the pantry, where everyone can catch up over a cup of coffee. Tansah also has a good relationship with Agape canteen to get lunch catered in for workers daily. Candies and snacks are free flow for those who wants to take a break.

Our work space emphasize on space. Windows�are designed to let in ample natural light and fresh air. Portable air conditioning is ready in case it gets hot in the afternoon. We usually play some soft pop music to make a relaxing ambiance that helps us focus on our work.

Monday afternoon meetings get team members to get up to speed with each other, especially since some works remotely when they couldn’t be physically present at work.�Teams share their metrics and project updates during this meeting.

A Plan for the Future

We plan to hold team retreats once a year, where we fly the entire team to different locations to bond and play for a few days.

Every Wednesday, everyone gathers for a special lunch hour that includes a lightning presentation from a team member. The focus could be anything from�tips on how to prepare keto diets to personal Ask Me Anything sessions..

We also plans to host weekly yoga sessions to exercise in a small exercise corner. There would be a “sleeping berth” for those who needed afternoon nap.

We also plan to promote “Personal Project Saturdays” where anyone is free to pursue any project they have passion in, and dedicate that as a company project.

If you would like to join us, feel free to browse our Recruitment Page