Growing Philosophy

Here’s a thought for you. Everyone of us desired to be prosperous / wealthy. However what is “wealth” really? Having a lot of money? I can tell you right now, that Wealth and Money are two entirely different thing. Wealth is like a tree, when money is like its leaves. The tree will keep on growing, when leaf will one day fall off in its due season, from its branches, from the tree.

Now comes contemplation. If whatever you are doing now is planting a tree, then in its due time it will grow leaves. And if what you are doing now is gathering leaves, then surely no matter how much leaves you gather, you will never feel satisfied. No matter how much you put your effort gathering, it will not sum as much as leaves that grows from actual tree.

Grow your tree right now!

You can not plant a leaf hoping it will grow into a tree!
Notice when a great tree grows, its root is never visible from the surface. However if you add in water (persistence & effort) and a lot of soil (problems & opportunities), that root will grow, pulling nutrition from its soil, and giving life and growth into the whole entity, and every part of the tree enjoys profit.

This is the growing philosophy we use for Tansah Web & Innovations. We are offering you an opportunity to grow your tree, and together we will prosper together. It is time for all of us to stand up on our two feet, and work hard, hand in hand, and prosper. Interested? Find out more on our Membership Plan, and be a part of our family, as we help build a better society to live in.

This article is written by Chilly, just a random guy who had crazy vision of having people of all nation being prosperous together. Founder of Tansah Web & Innovation, Chilly and his team is building an effort to help everyone grow your own tree, a good source of income to prosper together for days to come.